Darlene Jaman was born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended Charnards Art Institute, The Art Center College, and Los Angeles Trade Tech in fashion design, and U.C.L.A’s Department Interior Design. In New York, Darlene Jaman studied with the famous gourmet chef, James Beard. Darlene also studied with master artists such as Maxual Gordon, Paul Von Ringelheim, and just the last two years with fusion-artist, Rassouli in Los Angeles.

Throughout her twenties, Darlene worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles and New York. Her career in fashion took her to Paris, Rome, London and Madrid. Her life’s voyage took her to Mexico, where she married and lived for twelve years raising two sons. Influenced by Mexico’s love of color, music and design the artist within was inspired and reinvigorated. 

On September 29, 1984. Darlene survived a freak scuba diving accident off the coast of California. She experienced a core NDE (Near Death Experience) enveloped by the white light and an imbuing Love. This resulted in her spiritual reawakening and the birth to her ~ creative sight. 

Darlene’s journey took her on a path of discovery to spend two and half years in Scotland, at Findhorn Spiritual Community. Coming back to Los Angeles, she dedicated herself to teaching patients facing fear of their own death. For over a decade Darlene facilitated and counseled the West Los Angeles friends of IANDS support group, (International Association of Near Death Studies).

Painting became the way to quite the mind, her transcendental gateway to another universe far beyond the physical limitations of the canvass. Painting in free form, stream of consciousness is a form of artistic meditation that reflects the style that we see exemplified in her work today. Darlene’s painting explore her deep creativity enabling her to draw from gifts of sight transcend beyond her thoughts and feelings giving her over to the flow of painting, never knowing what will come onto the canvas.

Currently, Darlene resides in Venice, California. She can be reached at





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